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Postdoctoral Fellow Candidates


How do I become a Postdoctoral Fellow at KAUST?

To become a Postdoctoral Fellow at KAUST you will need to apply for an open postdoc position with a Faculty member who works in a research field of your interest. You will find a full list of KAUST Faculty members through this link.

Following a successful assessment of potential candidates, a Faculty member may agree to accept you as a Postdoctoral Fellow in his/her research group, subject to the candidate successfully completing the recruitment process. The recruitment process will begin with the University’s Human Resources Recruitment team. Please note that appointment offers may be extended by Human Resources Recruitment only.


Do I need a visa in order to move to Saudi Arabia as a postdoctoral fellow?

If you are not a Saudi national you must obtain an appropriate visa in order to relocate to Saudi Arabia.


How long will it take to get a visa for Saudi Arabia?

The visa issuance process is country specific and varies from several weeks to several months.


Will I receive a relocation allowanc​e?

A relocation allowance will be provided to cover the costs of relocating to the University.  A further allowance will be provided as part of the final settlement upon repatriation to the point of origin at the end of the contract.  The Postdoctoral Fellow and eligible dependents will be provided with flights for relocation to and from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


What research facilities are available at KAUST?

The Academic Divisions and Research Centers support the University's research mission by bringing together faculty members, researchers, postdocs and graduate students from across the disciplines. Together, they leverage the interconnectedness of science and engineering and develop interdisciplinary approaches to fundamental and goal-oriented problems. For more information visit this page


The Core Labs are composed of nine laboratories organized around one central mission: to provide state-of-the-art facilities, training and services to KAUST faculty, students, researchers, industry and government partners. These laboratories are a prominent feature of the KAUST interdisciplinary research eco-system, with over 135 permanent staff scientists, engineers, specialists, technicians and administration. The laboratories function as a shared-user facility and play a key role in encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration through ease of access and a consistent mode of operation. Please visit the Core Labs website​ for more information.


What skills development opportunities are available for me at KAUST?

KAUST invests significantly in the development of its Postdoctoral Fellows through:

          ·         Faculty mentorship;

          ·         State-of-the art research facilities and services in the Core Labs. KAUST labs and facilities all share the same modes of operation whether it's learning to use one of our instruments or analyzing samples. This transparency encourages and facilitates interdisciplinary research as projects flow seamlessly from one lab to another. As part of KAUST’s focus on education, the Core Labs provide training to lab users. After qualification, users are free to operate instruments independently.

          ·         Divisional and field-specific seminars, workshops and conferences; and

          ·         Bespoke courses and workshops that focus on research communication.


Will my spouse be able to find a job at KAUST?

KAUST offers an employment program for spouses of KAUST employees, postdocs and students. Once you relocate to KAUST contact the Human Resources Recruitment team for more information.


Will my child be able to attend The KAUST Schools?

Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High School education will be provided to eligible dependents at The KAUST School (TKS).  Normal admissions procedures apply. Once you accept your Postdoctoral Fellow offer, ask your relocation coordinator to share TKS contact information with you.


Will my child be able to attend daycare?

KAUST is glad to offer daycare facilities to KAUST residents. Once you register your child at the daycare, he/she will be able to attend daycare as soon as a place become available.

What are the daycare and school fees?

A fee schedule applies for daycare facilities and the afterschool program for K1-K3 students. Once you accept your Postdoctoral Fellow offer, ask your relocation coordinator to share this information with you. 


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