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KAUST Postdocs

What is the role of a Postdoctoral Fellow?

A Postdoctoral Fellow is a recent recipient of a doctoral degree (usually within the past five years) who is hired on a term appointment.  Under the mentorship and direction of a KAUST Faculty mentor, a Postdoctoral Fellow will advance his/her research experience and scholarly training, and work on an approved project(s).  With the mentor’s consent, a Postdoctoral Fellow is expected to publish his/her research findings in peer-reviewed journals.

I am a Postdoctoral Fellow, what is the duration of my appointment?

Postdoctoral Fellows are recruited on an initial one- or two-year period.  Subject to satisfactory performance, the appointment may be extended for a total duration of three years.

How can I extend my Postdoctoral Fellow contract?

A Postdoctoral Fellow appointment extension may be initiated by the Faculty mentor. Subject to satisfactory performance, the appointment may be extended for a total duration of three years. The extension form should be completed by the Faculty mentor, approved by the Divisional Dean and submitted to the Human Resources Advisory team.

May I transfer from one Faculty mentor to another?

At the University, a Postdoctoral Fellow may transfer to another Faculty mentor through the University initiated transfer process. This request will be processed upon agreement between the releasing and the receiving Faculty mentors and upon approval by the Divisional Dean(s). A change of Faculty mentor will not result in the total appointment length exceeding three years or an increase to the stipend.

I have been at KAUST for over two years and I haven’t received an increase yet. Why?

A merit-based stipend increase may be awarded upon the Faculty mentor’s recommendation and subject to approval by the Divisional Dean. The increase may be awarded on the anniversary of the appointment with the University.

Am I eligible for a travel allowance?

You may be eligible for a travel allowance (please refer to your contract). Postdoctoral Fellows (and their eligible dependents) may receive a travel allowance per appointment year, excluding the final year as follows:

·   less than 18 months – no flight ticket

·   18 months to less than 30 months appointment – 1 flight ticket paid on completion of first year

·   30 months to 3 year appointment – 2 flight tickets paid on completion of first and second years


Is a Postdoctoral Fellow eligible for a benefit package at the end of his/her appointment?

Postdoctoral Fellows who were offered their appointments prior to 2 July 2012 are eligible for a severance award. Postdoctoral Fellows who were offered their contracts on or after 2 July 2012 are eligible for a relocation allowance.

May my children attend The KAUST Schools?

Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High School education will be provided to eligible dependents at The KAUST School (TKS).  Please check the admissions procedures​.

What type of accommodation am I entitled to?

Postdoctoral Fellows are entitled to accommodation – free of charge – up to two bedrooms (town house), dependent on family size.  Larger accommodation may be provided, if available, and will be subject to additional charges as per the KAUST Housing Rent Policy. Single postdocs and those who relocate to KAUST without their family members will be required to share accommodation.

How many vacation days am I entitled to?

A Postdoctoral Fellow is entitled to 20 working days paid vacation per appointment year.

My contract is ending in two months and I am planning to leave KAUST. How long does the Departure Clearance process take?

A Postdoctoral Fellow needs to be on campus near the end of his/her appointment in order to complete the Departure Clearance process. This process may take up to a month, therefore, you should be at KAUST in the last month of your appointment.

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