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Professional Development

Manuscript Writing

This intensive writing course teaches the principles of effective scientific communication to enable our postdoctoral fellows and research scientists to produce research papers that are concise, coherent, and easy to read. What does it mean to write concisely? What does it mean to write for your readers? What does it mean to have good flow? All these and other crucial concepts of good writing are defined and intensively practiced. Serious and dedicated authors are welcome. Click here for information about the course.

Grammar Workshops

These workshop series provide our authors with accurate grammar rules so that they can communicate their ideas accurately, cohesively, and coherently. Each session focuses on fundamental and advanced grammatical structures that are particularly important in scientific writing. Click here to learn about the topics.

​Research Presentations

This course (re)introduces strategies for effective design and delivery of research presentation. Participants learn the theory and present their research to receive constructive feedback from their peers and the instructor. It is only through serious practice that you master the craft of strong research presentation. Click here here for information about​ this workshop series.

Preparing a research poster

A research poster is a simplified, visual representation of your work that highlights major achievements and discoveries. Effective communication of science through a poster is an art, and so many researchers find it challenging. Here we provide a simple guideline that may help Postdoctoral Fellows improve their posters. We also offer one-on-one coaching on both poster preparation and presentation.​

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