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KAUST seeks to attract the highest caliber Postdoctoral Fellows to support the University’s research mission. Coming from across the globe, the University's Postdoctoral Fellows bring new knowledge and innovative techniques to create a collaborative environment in which ideas and initiatives are continuously cultivated.

While supporting the mission of the Senior Vice President for Research​, Innovation, and Economic Development​, Postdoctoral Support endeavors to:

  • ​Ensure a conducive environment where Postdoctoral Fellows can advance their research experience and scholarly training;
  • Identify, implement and coordinate career development programs for Postdoctoral Fellows;
  • Provide a liaison for engagement with other University departments on matters pertaining to Postdoctoral Fellows;
  • Offer an ombudsman service for Postdoctoral Fellows;
  • Review and improve policies and procedures related to the recruitment and tenure of Postdoctoral Fellows at KAUST. 

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